Welcome to the website for The Guild of Needle Laces. A non profit making organisation, set up in 1983 to promote the interest, skills, teaching, conservation, history and exhibition of all needlemade laces.

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Learn a new stitch

Following the success of this little booklet at the AGM the Guild has now added it to their list of publications.

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Learn how to make

Exciting new pages to inspire you to learn this delightful craft

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See the amazing dragons for the 2014
Annual Challenge

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See the fantasy birds that have flown in for the 2014 Biennial Competition


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The guild now sells those consumable items you all need to make needlelace

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Advice for beginners

In this article Michael Dennis explains how he overcame the difficulties he had in making his first piece of needlelace. He then goes on to explain how to lay a cordonnet.

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Entries for the 2012 Biennial Competition

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Join our Group

The Guild has a group on the needlelace forum needlelace talk.



Looking for somewhere to learn how to make needlelace

Check out this page

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