Slot Overview: Fruit Duel

Hacksaw Gaming, a software company, has always been fixated on creating games revolving around food and other culinary items, including an abundance of fresh vegetables. From Om Nom’s homey flair to King Carrot’s nutritious variety of snacks. The studio has gone all in on the fruit theme for Fruit Duel (formerly dubbed Fruityplier), opting to do it in a 3×3 modeled game with fewer features and a lower maximum victory than we’re used to seeing from the company. Fruit Duel targets a different audience than the studio’s other, more complex games, so if you’re curious as to whether or not you fall into that category, keep reading!

The opening of Fruit Duel takes place on a sunny day in a farm, which may be the same setting seen in Hop’n’Pop from a different perspective. This time, the action is displayed on a 3-reel, 3-row game panel that is hidden under dense greenery. The hazy red barns in the distance and the relaxing music conjure up images of lazing on a Caribbean beach. Not much seems to be happening. Fruit Duel is a delicious depiction of a sunny summer day in the country.

Fruit Duel is a smartphone, tablet, and desktop slot game with two bonus game types and a betting range of 10 pence to 100 pounds or euros per spin. This section of the mathematical model is categorized as medium, or 3 out of 5, thus it’s a bit less volatile than typical Hacksaw games. Hacksaw slots have a maximum return to player percentage of 96.3%, however there are a few other variations available.

There are 17 possible paylines on which players may hit winning three-of-a-kind combos. The bulk of the game’s icons, including the standard pay symbols, have some sort of fruit theme in Fruit Duel. The payout for a combination of three symbols for these fruits ranges from 0.1 to 5 times the stake, and they include blueberries, lemons, grapes, oranges, apples, bananas, cherries, and strawberries. Finally, the wild sign can appear on any reel to take the place of any fruit icon. If a wild card contributes to a victory, it will be compensated at the strawberry level.

Slot Feature: Fruit Duel

When the VS symbol appears on any of the reels in Fruit Duel, the game’s signature DuelReels feature is activated. When the VS icon goes active, it turns into a wild that covers a whole reel. In addition, if you get two multiplier fruits on the same reel, they’ll go to battle. Like in games like Gladiator Legends, the winning multiplier is added to the full reel wild. Keep in mind that the reel only grows in size if it contributes to a win when it does so (‘book of’ style). If a win involves several wild reels, the multipliers will be multiplied together. Multipliers can be any amount between 2 and 100, including 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, and 100.

No Risk Turns

Free games are triggered when three spin symbols appear on the screen. Players have a better chance of hitting VS symbols and receiving larger multipliers from the battle during this feature compared to the main game.

Spend Money on a Bonus

You have two options to choose from when you open the Bonus Buy menu. One such option is FeatureSpins, which cost 10x the stake and ensure that every spin has at least one VS symbol (96.35% RTP). You may also opt for free spins where you will receive 80x your wager (96.36% RTP).

Slot Machine Fruit Fight: Results

If you misread the name of the DuelReels feature, you could think that there will be double grid activity. When the VS sign appears and a win can be made, Fruit Duel’s wild multipliers expand to cover the entire reel. These have been around for a while, having made appearances in previous Hacksaw titles like Gladiator Legends and Warrior Ways. Instead of martial artists or helmed warriors, it is now fruits that battle it out to see which one gets to utilize their multiplier. Even if you don’t believe a fruit battle makes much sense, at least Hacksaw got to use some juicy splatter effects after his opponent was defeated. Not as shocking as splattering blood and severed heads, though.

But hey, that must be the idea, right? The goal of this DuelReels-based project is to design a laid-back fruit machine that doesn’t come across as hostile or threatening. The mathematical architecture of Fruit Duel seems to indicate this as well, as it is less unpredictable than Hacksaw slots are typically when bringing in the maximum prize. At the height of the dueling, splatting, and winning in Fruit Duel, players may win 3,333 times their initial wager. Not really thrilling, but adequate for a 3-reel fruit machine. When two or more DuelReels are operating together, the odd number of paylines and the multipliers, which may potentially be pretty huge, can be highly beneficial.

If you’re not into traditional fruit machines, you might not find much to like in Fruit Duel. In comparison to kicking about a farm squishing fruit, the DuelReel function was likely more enjoyable in earlier DuelReel positions because of the greater atmospheres they provided. Fruit Duel, on the other hand, should satisfy the needs of gamers who are looking for a simple fruit slot with growing wild multiplier action.

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